Spanish Leadership II Coming Up in September

The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center (W3) will host Spanish Leadership II from September 10-15. The Spanish Leadership II program mirrors its English counterpart in that it provides the local and district lodges with trained and skilled unionists that can communicate with workers and the community in both languages. The Spanish programs at W3 … Read more

Liderazgo II en Español

El Centro William W. Winpisinger (W3) será el anfitrión de Liderazgo II en Español del 10 al 15 de septiembre 2017. El programa de Liderazgo II en Español refleja su contraparte inglés, ya que proporciona a las logias locales y distritos con unionistas entrenados y calificados que pueden comunicarse con los trabajadores y la comunidad … Read more

Martinez, Gruber Visit IAM Members at Boeing in St. Louis

IAM International President Bob Martinez and IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber visit with IAM Local 837A and 837B members who work at the Boeing Integrated Defense Systems facility in Hazelwood, MO. IAM International President Bob Martinez recently joined IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber in a visit with … Read more

Stop the Senate from Taking Away Health Care

Corporate politicians in the Senate are attempting to shove a terrible health care bill down the throats of hard working Americans. This bill would take away health benefits from millions of people, eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs, and allow insurance companies to discriminate against individuals with pre-existing conditions.Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Take action … Read more

Make Your Fourth of July Celebration Union Made

Are you making plans for the Independence Day holiday weekend? Get discounts, save money and support other union members by shopping Made in America for union-made beer, food, snacks, games and more. Text MADE to 235246 on your mobile device for more union-made in America product lists. The Union Plus Travel Center can help you locate deals … Read more

Lives Uprooted as GE Turns its Back on Wisconsin

    A 100 year-old General Electric engine plant in Waukesha, WI is moving at least 300 good-paying IAM jobs out of the country, leaving longtime members and families shocked, angry and heartbroken. “It’s devastating news. A lot of good jobs in the heart of America are going to another country,” said Mike Wolverton, an … Read more

Victory for Airline Customer Service Agents and the IAM

The Senate Commerce Committee Thursday approved customer service assault language into their Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Bill. This language will help protect Customer Service Agents (CSAs) against physical abuse. The IAM applauds both the House and Senate for including this language, along with the 10-hour rest rule for flight attendants, into their bills. But, unlike … Read more