Western Territory Joins Forces with IAM’s Healthcare Department

The Western Territory and the IAM Healthcare Department have embarked on a joint nationwide healthcare organizing campaign in an effort aimed at organizing Military Family and Life Counselors, or (MFLCs). MFLCs provide critical counseling services to veterans and their families. The MFLCs face many problems that are prevalent in working people’s lives, especially those in … Read more

Congress Votes to Repeal So-Called ‘Cadillac Tax’

The bipartisan middle-class Health Benefits Tax Repeal of 2019, H.R. 748, passed in the House of Representatives with a 419-to-6 vote. This important piece of legislation will now head to the U.S. Senate for a vote. This vital legislation would repeal the 40 percent health benefits tax on employer-sponsored healthcare. Send a letter now urging … Read more

Machinists Union Local Delegates Oppose GE Contract Offer

IAM delegates from the General Electric Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC), coalition of 11 national unions representing 6,600 workers, opposes GE’s proposed contract and will recommend that their IAM Locals reject the company’s offer. The IAM represents four Locals involved in the GE proposed Master Agreement: IAM Locals 78 and 1916 in Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and … Read more

Tell Congress: Support U.S. Made Transit Rail Cars and Buses

Congressional legislation has been introduced to protect rail and bus manufacturing from Chinese threats. The Transit Infrastructure Vehicle Security Act would prevent federal transit funds from being used by transit agencies to procure Chinese rail assets and ensure transit agencies develop and execute a cybersecurity plan. The Chinese government continues to subsidize its rail and bus … Read more

IAM Rallies Against Weak Labor Standards in NAFTA 2.0

The IAM joined allies on Capitol Hill Tuesday to demand fixes to the renegotiated NAFTA and deliver a petition with hundreds of thousands of signers. In its current form, NAFTA 2.0 lacks strong, enforceable labor standards necessary to stop job outsourcing. “We believe that NAFTA 2.0 does absolutely nothing to stop U.S. companies from moving … Read more

IAM, NFFE-IAM, AFGE, Others Rally to Save OPM

IAM, NFFE-IAM, AFGE, and other unions held a rally to save the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the federal government’s human resources agency. The White House has recently threatened to abolish the OPM. The OPM provides critical support for government employees in all branches of the federal government. This proposed power grab by this White … Read more